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Monstronomy is a dark take on the timeless monster collecting genre. As you explore a cute world filled with quirky monsters and odd NPCs, a deep and sinister story unfolds with the discovery of found-films and unsettling glitches. This game is not suitable for individuals who are easily disturbed.

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As you peruse the dark web, you find and download hidden files labeled “Monstronomy: A Classic Monster Collector Game.” With your interest piqued, you decide to explore the game to find out where this game came from and why it was concealed.

On the surface level, it appears like any other creature collector game. However, you discover the antagonists seem too wicked for a kid’s game and it feels incomplete with strange glitches. As you dig deeper, you find secret messages and videos when interacting with objects and NPCs. While some videos and messages seem harmless, just trying to frighten the player, other messages seem to be leaving clues and hints at what is really going on.

What is there to uncover in this thin veil of a creature collector? Why was this game hidden? What are the messages and videos trying to tell you? Who is behind these messages and why?

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Single player creature collector with a darker, more mysterious, thriller-horror story than typical monster tamers

Found-films and cryptic messages reveal a more sinister story beneath the facade of a kid’s game

Over 100 creatures to play with and use to explore a simple but enjoyable cute world

Challenging enemies and puzzles that keeps the player engaged as they find out what is truly at stake